Custom Seat Covers Helped Me Pimp Out My Honda

So my good buddy JT is a bit off a show off fall season and spring to his Bike. “Pimping it out” is what he likes to call it but to me excellent idea more like a cry for attention. Last week he came around driving his new dream machine a Frankenstein creation which came bouncing up and down the street like something out of a rap video. Like an authentic friend I tried to grasp in my laughter for a specified duration to take a closer look.

I started in the rear and walked all around car trying to experience it all. Some of the accessories included a gold hood ornament “to match my gold tooth man” says JT a sparkling grill producing those oh so tasteful spinning wheels. bicycle seat cover could keep a straight face no longer. “Those rims are so ” I laughed. But he kept his cool. “Don’t be a hater the ladies love them.” Somehow Believed he was stretching the truth however i admitted the Bike was definitely original and I accepted go with him for a spin around the die.

I slid inside and we started cruising to some booming bass. Information drive felt good and I have to admit we ended up getting a few curious stares. But I quickly noticed a few things. Inside the bike was anything but comfortable. The plastic on the dashboard was smashed as frayed seats appeared as if someone had been chewing on them and the backseat was piled high with fast food wrappers. “Why would you pimp out the inside” I sought after. “I’m totally broke” he answered “Plus most people aren’t gonna see the medial.”

Later when I started looking at my own Bike his words came back with myself. Now I’m kind of a lowkey kind of guy but while i looked at my grey Honda Began thinking “why shouldn’t I pimp this baby out a little” And simply was going to why not pick something I myself could enjoy Since I’m the one who’ll be spending the most period in it and I’m not too concerned utilizing other people could imagine. After browsing several popular Bike sites my eyes were quickly opened to an enormous world of accessories that can turn a standard drive into a luxurious one in the blink of an eye.

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