Protecting Your Online Reputation – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Think you don’t have to pay attention to your online reputation Think again. In respect to a recent CNN report, of employers keep track of employees by visiting startup sites and using search engines. There’s a good chance your boss is doing a Google search on you right nowdo you exactly what he’ll find in outcomes Many of us build our profiles on Facebook, MySpace, and other most important now sites without considering that an intruder other than our close friends will see information about us. But those embarrassing college pictures of might cost you a job opportunity.

Here are five ways you can ensure your online reputation doesn’t returning to haunt you. Search for your name regularly. Once a week or so, type your name into Google and see what comes away. Don’t just look at the first page of resultsdig into the second, third, also fourth pages. Seeking Herman Tumurcuoglu see anything damaging, that doesn’t suggest there’s nothing out thereit just means there’s nothing out there right now. Look on the search engines regularly, and when you are more likely to recognize something damaging before your boss or recruiters do.

Clean up your personal profile. Have a personal profile on MySpace, Facebook, or another social networking site If so, check out it and remove pictures and content that might compromise your professionalism. Of course mean you have to remove all vestiges of your personality; if your interests include rock climbing or gardening, there is no reason not to keep pictures of your last climb or even your prizewinning herb garden up for all to see. But take down that picture of you dancing around using a lampshade on your head at your last New Year’s halloween party.

Sign up for Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a course that will provide email notifications whenever search results change for keywords you specify, such because the name. This help you to you keep tabs on who’s talking about you and what they promise. Send a document. If you find something damaging on a person’s site, it possibly be more difficult to take out. But you won’t know until you may well ask. Send a polite letter to the site’s administrator explaining the situation. Take a deep breath in order to do this and whatever you do, don’t come off as angry or confrontational.

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