The Real Black Magic

As always things are closer on the truth if you go ahead and take opposite of what are going to be said or presented because truth. “Nothing is mainly because it seems, skim milk masquerades as cream.” The original black magic is whenever there is a false front, when things are manipulated in a hidden place, when concerns aren t out inside open, when they linger hidden in the “black”. The “Presentation Face” Precise black magic is individuals a “presentation face” currently used, a “front”, “putting up a front”, “Image is everything”, etc.

and using this lead to divert attention outside of what is really planning behind the scenes. Obvious lyingdenial, “I don f have any idea a person need re talking about”, Publicity firms twisting the actual for their clients appear different than they fully are”, “Spin” i.e. forcing blood into the truth to show up better, “Plausible Denial” simply put i.e. will this denial lie be believable, are each of the forms of schizoid, Jekyll and Hyde, false “black magic” being used obtain advantage, power over people. Cleaning up the house for the neighbors needed for fear of “how it’s going look” is a miniature example of the “presentation face” we all place.

While that may end up being no big deal, this can be symptom of the gathered consciousness that it nasiums normal to be “two faced”, to put on the “front”, a “faade”. It’s very ingrained in us to wish approval, live in the fear of disapproval from the “neighbors” that this way for being is considered normal. Not straightforward, not being can express how we honestly feel, needing to disposition the impulse, adjust, normal down, “civilize” the factual response we would in order to give creates a “Gap” in what is acquiring presented as reality the actual really is going attached to in reality.

kala jadoo opens the disk space for hidden “Black” marvel manipulation of others. The item “Gap” allows unlovingness, lying, deception, manipulation to key in and be exerted as part of “the black”, i.e. tucked away. The word occult means hidden, occluded, from look or knowing. Basically total black magic is offering a front, a faade, a presentation face spend homage to some “how it should look” produced in ideal, “how should it play in midAmerica”, one imagined, idolatrous idealfalse our god of “how it can be”. And all an while the real charge struggles go on on “black” behind closed doors, in “closed chambers”, “no access”, “private party”, “security clearance needed”.

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